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Technical Support


My login and password aren't working, what should I do?

Please check you are spelling your login and password correctly.

Please check you are putting your login in the login box and the password in the password box.

Please check the email you have been sent when opening your account or obtaining your login details to check you have the correct details.

After these steps, if you are still having problems, please contact our Internet Sales Co-ordinator on 01684 271440, or email on for a reminder.


A page isn't showing correctly, what should I do?

If you have noticed a page error, and need help please contact our please contact our Internet Sales Co-ordinator on 01684 271440, or email on for help or to notify us of any errors.


How do I download an PDF form?

Simply click the link provided and save the form to your computer.

How do I contact your technical support team?

You can call the technical support team by phoning Internet Sales on 01684 271467, or email on

How can I hide prices on your website?

Now once logged in, you can hide prices to allow you to use our site as a promotion tool with your own customers. All you need to do it click on ‘Hide Prices’ at the top right hand corner of the page and your customer will see the products, and information but not your buying price!

What do the stock balances actually mean?

• Low Stock = 1 to 10
• In Stock = 10 to 50
• High Stock = 50+
• Constant Supply = These are products that we have a constant flow of stock either in or due in very soon. These are core range products and will more than likely always be available. To keep up to date after ordering a constant supply product, please email or call Internet sales on 01684 271440.