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Frequently Asked Questions



Do your prices include V.A.T?
All listed prices on our website and printed publications do not include V.A.T.


Opening an Account

Where can I obtain login details?
To log in to the site you first need to have an account with us. If you don't have an account see below question. If you already have an account then send an email using our Enquiry Form or call 01684 271440 quoting your account number and business name and address, and we will send you a log-in name and password.

How do I open a D.A.D account?
D.A.D is a distribution company that deals with trade customers only. 
Visit our Downloads page and download the New Account Form, fill in and include a company letterhead and fax back to 01684 271488. Alternatively, please contact our
Credit Control Team on 01684 271450 for further information on opening an account.

How can I change my Login or Password details?
If you need to change your login email address or password please email us at quoting your account number, business name and address and we will send you the relevant details. 




How does the website order system work?
The website acts solely as an ordering facility, you do not have to make any payment transactions online. When you place an order on the website, it generates an order into our internal system and a notification is sent directly to our Web Sales Team. The details of your order will then be checked against our live system and an email confirmation. If you have any further queries on the workings of the website ordering please email us


What if I want to cancel an order?
If you wish to cancel or amend your order, you need to call Internet Sales Direct on 01684 271440 or our main Sales Team on 0844 854 6715. You may be charged up to a 15% handling charge depending on the nature of the cancellation. Terms and Conditions Apply.


How do I check the progress of my order?
To check your order's progress, you can call Internet Sales on 01684 271440 or our main Sales Team on 0844 854 6715, who will be able to help you with any queries about the status of your order. How do I know whether you have a product in stock? All products have a stock message indicated.



Technical Support

My login and passwork aren't working, what should I do?

  • Please check you are spelling your login and password correctly.
  • Please check you are putting your login in the login box and the password in the password box.
  • Please check the email you have been sent when opening your account or obtaining your login details to check you have the correct details.
  • After these steps, if you are still having problems, please contact our Internet Sales Co-ordinator on 01684 271440, or email on for a reminder.

A page isn't showing correctly, what should I do?
If you have noticed a page error, and need help please contact our please contact our Internet Sales Co-ordinator on 01684 271440, or email on for help or to notify us of any errors.

How do I download an PDF form?
Simply click the link provided and save the form to your computer.

How do I contact your technical support team?
You can call the technical support team by phoning Internet Sales on 01684 271440, or email on

How can I hide prices on your website?
Now once logged in, you can hide prices to allow you to use our site as a promotion tool with your own customers. All you need to do it click on ‘Hide Prices’ at the top right hand corner of the page and your customer will see the products, and information but not your buying price!

What do the stock balances actually mean?
• Low Stock = 1 to 10
• In Stock = 10 to 50
• High Stock = 50+
• Constant Supply = These are products that we have a constant flow of stock either in or due in very soon. These are core range products and will more than likely always be available. To keep up to date after ordering a constant supply product, please call Sales on 0844 854 6715.



How do I return an item?
Depending on the nature of the return, we can handle the situation in a few different ways, for more details please contact our friendly Returns Department on 01684 271452 for further information on returning and item. Alternatively, visit our Downloads page and download the Uplift Form, fill in and fax back to 01684 271488.



Delivery Information

How much is the delivery charge?
If your order is £300 or more (before VAT) then delivery is free. If not, a delivery charge will be incurred; the price of the charge will depend on your area. Please call Transport on 01684 271470 or 07795 848930 for more information.

Do you have a home delivery service?
We can arrange for home deliveries, for more information on availability and price, please call 01684 271438.

What if I need additional delivery information?
To obtain any information on when your order will be delivered or general delivery enquiries call Transport on 01684 271470 or 07795 848930.